Crypto Market Cap Calculator

Use our crypto market cap calculator to find out the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency or add several coins simultaneously to compare their crypto market cap.

Crypto Market Cap Calculator
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Information: Use the calculator to find out the market cap of your favorite cryptocurrency or combine many to find out the total market cap of a group of coins.

How to use the crypto market cap calculator

Here is a quick step-by-step on how to use the calculator:

  1. Add the ‘Crypto Price’.
  2. Enter the ‘Circulating Supply’.

The calculation is made automatically and will show up to the right next to “Market Cap:”.

The value will also be shown under the “Total Market Cap”.

Here is how to calculate and compare the crypto market cap of different cryptocurrencies at the same time:

  1. Add the ‘Crypto Price’.
  2. Enter the ‘Circulating Supply’.
  3. Click ‘Add More’ to add a new row.
  4. Add the ‘Crypto Price’ in the new row.
  5. Enter the ‘Circulating Supply’ in the new row.

The new crypto market cap calculation is made automatically and this time you will see a combined market cap of both your cryptocurrencies.

Below the “Total Market Cap” result text, you’ll see a comparison list with a ranking of the different cryptocurrencies you have added.

The cryptocurrency with the highest market cap will be ranked first.

If you wish to remove a crypto that you have added, simply click the “✖” button.

To start a c completely new calculation, click the “✖” button and remove all rows, this will clear the calculations.

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Why use a crypto market cap calculator?

The calculator is a helpful tool for investors trying to find out how valuable a cryptocurrency is when making an investment plan.

While looking at different projects to invest in will get an overview of which cryptocurrency has the lowest market cap with the biggest upside.

If you have been following a couple of cryptocurrencies for some time you can make good predictions depending on which coin has gained most value over the past weeks or months.

It’s also helpful when looking at several new projects to invest in and you want to get a good picture of the different market caps of each new coin.

If you don’t have enough capital for investing in all projects, you might want to start with the one with the lowest market cap.

By looking at the ranking of the cryptocurrencies in the comparison list, you will get help by choosing the correct project.

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Formula and market cap explained

Market cap is the combined value of the price and the circulating supply of a cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Market Cap Calculator uses a straightforward formula to calculate the market capitalization of a cryptocurrency. Here’s the formula:

Market cap = crypto price × circulating supply


  • Crypto price: Represents the current price of one unit of the cryptocurrency.
  • Circulating supply: Refers to the total number of units of the cryptocurrency that are currently in circulation and available to the public.


  • Crypto price: This is the price at which each individual unit of the cryptocurrency is trading on the market. It can fluctuate based on market demand and supply dynamics.
  • Circulating supply: This is the total number of units of the cryptocurrency that have been mined or created and are circulating in the market. It excludes any tokens that are held by the project team or are not yet released.


If a cryptocurrency has:

  • Crypto price: $100
  • Circulating supply: 1,000,000 tokens

Then the calculation would be:

Market Cap = 100×1,000,000 = $100,000,000

Therefore, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency would be $100 million.

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