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Leverage Trading is an educational website to inform and educate traders and investors about trading the financial markets with leverage. Our ambition is to teach new traders how leveraged trading works in Stocks, Forex, and Crypto through educational guides and courses written by our team of experienced traders and investors.

Our priority is our readers, you, and we aim to solve many of the difficulties that beginner traders face when they first start out in the investment space. We strongly believe that education is the way to go to develop ourselves and we intend to give our readers the most useful guides to learn how to start trading the financial markets with leverage.

about us
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We agree that trading in the financial markets can be a daunting task, especially for novice investors. We are committed to helping our fellow traders who need a hand when starting out by sharing our own knowledge. Trading the financial markets with leverage can include higher risks, yes, but if done in a correct way it can be the key to unlocking massive profit potentials, even for investors with small account sizes.

On Leverage Trading, you can expect hands-on experience when reading our guides and trust that we know what we are talking about since we have all been in the same situation as you are right now. With our help, we believe that you are on your way to taking the next step toward financial freedom where leverage will play a big part in your investment portfolio.

The team

Leverage Trading is run by Anton Palovaara who is an expert on leveraged trading. Anton is self-employed and has been a devoted trader for over a decade and started out trading the FX market before swapping over the cryptocurrency market for more lucrative opportunities.

Anton Palovaara

Anton can be reached at this email: hello@leverage.trading

Reach out to his research email: data@leverage.trading

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