6 Best Crypto Leverage Trading Platforms 2024 (USA Accepted)

We’ve ranked the best crypto leverage trading platforms that offer margin trading for traders in the USA and the rest of the world.

If you are looking to boost your position size through a margin-traded contract to increase profits through trading, you’ve landed on the right page.

This type of investing offers some of the most skewed risk-reward situations for day traders with the opportunity to amplify returns, and of course, increased risk.

In this guide, our expert will share our top picks along with all the necessary information that you need to make the best decision possible.

Key takeaways

  • BYDFi ranks number one as the most popular exchange thanks to great trading tools, low fees, government regulation, and a user-friendly interface.
  • The tests we have conducted to find the top-performing platform are our own and are based on 50 different crypto exchanges that offer leveraged products.
  • Anton, an expert on leverage trading, has tested and reviewed all the platforms in this guide.

How we tested and reviewed the exchanges

Our list of the best crypto leverage trading platforms was selected based on testing plenty of the most reputable brands. To provide an objective review, we followed a comprehensive live testing process.

Here is an overview of the steps involved:

  1. Research and selection
  2. Account creation and KYC-verification
  3. Platform feature testing
  4. Trading experience overall
  5. Security and Compliance
  6. Customer support
  7. Fees and costs
  8. User feedback and reputation

By following this rigorous testing process, we aimed to deliver an unbiased view of the platforms in our top lists. All platforms have been thoroughly tested by Anton, our leverage expert with over 10 years of experience in the trading field.

The best crypto leverage trading platforms ranked and reviewed

Here is a quick look at the list for those who want a fast comparison of the platforms:

  1. BYDFi – Best crypto leverage trading platform overall. Accepts US traders, No KYC, no VPN, 200x leverage, and has the lowest fees out of all at 0.02%.
  2. BTCC – Highest leverage crypto trading platform. Allowed in the USA, No KYC, No VPN, 225x leverage, 0.045% fees, demo trading.
  3. Phemex – Best leverage trading app for crypto offering 100x leverage and no KYC trading through derivatives with a fee of 0.05%.
  4. Bybit – Top crypto margin trading exchange with 100x leverage offers several different derivatives markets including options with a fee of 0.075%.
  5. Binance – Best crypto futures trading platform that offers 125x leverage in futures and other derivatives with a fee of 0.10%
  6. PrimeXBT– Top Bitcoin leverage trading platform with up to 200x leverage offers multi-charting and a fee of 0.075%.

Investment and affiliate disclosure: This article may contain links to some of our partners and we might receive a commission when you click those links. However, this is at no extra cost to you. This information is not financial advice or a recommendation to trade. Always consult with a financial professional and do your research before trading.

1. Best crypto leverage trading platform overall in USA: BYDFi

Ranks number 1 of 5 with a rating of 5.0/5.

BYDFi review


BYDFi was established in 2020 and is often seen as the best crypto leverage trading platform in the USA thanks to being regulated in the USA and offering services in the country. It has its headquarters in Singapore but operates in all corners of the world, including the United States.

BYDFi is regulated by FinCEN in the United States and is considered to be the most reuptable US crypto exchange with up to 200x leverage.

The platform features over 400 altcoins and many of them are available to trade with margin.

As well, there is no requirement to go through the KYC process when you sign up which makes the registration quick and easy.

In addition to this, BYDFI offers several different products to trade cryptocurrencies including COIN-M futures, Perpetual contracts, USDT-M contracts, and Inverse perpetual contracts.

In August 2023, BYDFi integrated Alchemy Pay as an on and off-ramp for crypto investors who want to either deposit or withdraw with fiat money.

Keep in mind that BYDFi also offers margin trading through their demo account where you can test out your most effective strategy before going live with real money.

At a glance, BYDFi is a regulated crypto exchange that offers leverage in the US and globally, has a strong trading platform, and has a wide range of trading options for all types of traders.

Leverage on BYDFi

BYDFi crypto exchange offers 200x leverage and when it comes to choosing crypto leverage ratio it is very straightforward.

The maximum ratio offered on BYDFi is 200x but the option to trade with less leverage is easily accessible through the bar inside the trading interface.

The screenshot below shows exactly where to change the margin when you are inside the trading platform.

Leverage on BYDFi

Simply click the button and then choose your preferred ratio.

The optimal leverage for beginners is typically between 10x and 100x leverage depending on how comfortable you are with taking risks.

Use the calculator below to find out the best position size for your leveraged position on BYDFi:

Leverage Ratio:

Information: Use the Leverage Calculator to calculate the required leverage ratio needed to open a position based on your Position Size and your Margin Requirement.


Information: Use the Leverage Profit Calculator to calculate your total profit based on the Entry Price, Exit Price, Margin Requirement, and Leverage Ratio.

Margin Requirement:

Information: Use the Margin Calculator to calculate your required margin to open a position based on your Position Size and Leverage Ratio.

A higher leverage ratio always increases both the potential for profit and loss.


BYDFi is regulated in the US as a Money Service Business which gives me a feeling of security knowing that one of the biggest watchdogs is looking over their shoulder.

Few established platforms in the United States offer margin-traded products and BYDFi is trying to break the barrier safely.

Other important security features include 2-FA, email verification, fund password, and other advanced safety measures such as withdrawal address whitelisting and phone number verification.

All of these security features are not enabled when you first sign up.

You have to go to the security page as you can see on the screenshot below to enable these features.

BYDfi security page

Once you enter the security page you can toggle on each feature.

In my experience trading on BYDFi, I’ve always used the Google authenticator to protect the account against immediate threats.

Enabling the withdrawal address whitelist is also a great way to make sure that your funds can only be withdrawn to your wallet addresses.

Trading fees

What makes BYDFi one of the top high leverage crypto exchanges is the low trading fee.

The leverage trading fee on BYDFi is 0.050% when using market orders.

This goes for both opening and closing trades.

Check the explanation that BYDFi gives on its trading fee page:

Now, the transaction fee for leveraged tokens on BYDFi is slightly higher at 0.20%.

This has to do with the lowered ratios offered through these contracts.

BYDFi also charges a management fee of 0.03% every day at midnight.

This means that a total value of 0.03% of all leveraged positions will be charged from your trading account every day you keep positions open overnight.

Liquidity and order execution

BYDFi has an order book that has extremely high liquidity which is a huge plus and it lets you trade very large positions even if you are a scalp trader.

During our testing, we managed to easily enter and exit with position sizes worth over $100,000.

Here is a screenshot from the live order book at BYDFi in the COIN-M contracts.

BYDFi order book

The first buy order is worth $118,480 and the first sell order is worth $59,892.

The spread in this trading pair was $0.20 which stayed the same and even lower during our assessment of BYDFi.

This is a very favorable spread.

User interface and available trading tools

BYDFi strikes me as one of the most modern exchanges and my experience is that the designers of the platform are traders themselves.

The charting interface is distributed with the indicator tab to the left and the order execution and order book to the right.

The charting interface is powered by TradingView charts which ensures charts are 100% free from lag.

Here is a screenshot of the whole trading interface.

BYDFi trading interface

The feature that stood out to me while analyzing the BYDFi platform was the option to convert, transfer, or buy crypto directly from the charting interface.

In the bottom right corner of the trading platform, you can swap, buy crypto with fiat money, or convert your cryptocurrency for any other asset on the platform without leaving your trading setup.

The option to go long and short can be done with just one click once you have entered the charting interface.

Another thing I found very useful is the option to choose between cross and isolated margin.

The difference between leveraging your trades with cross and isolated margin is how the crypto leverage trading platform can access your margin capital.

Isolated margin is the safer option and keeps the margin capital limited to one position only to prevent a full account liquidation by leverage.

Pros and cons

Lowest feesNo customer support phone number
Offers up to 200x crypto leverageNo crypto market news source
Stop loss and take profit orders directly in the trading interface
The benefits and drawbacks of this platform are based on our own testing of the BYDFi exchange.

2. Best high leverage crypto exchange in the USA: BTCC

Ranks number 2 out of 6 with a rating of 4.8/5.

BTCC at a glance

BTCC, a high leverage crypto exchange that was established in 2011 is one of the longest-serving crypto exchanges globally.

This is all for good reasons because BTCC is licensed in the US, Canada, and Europe, allowing traders from nearly any country to sign up and trade.

BTCC solves a very common problem for US traders which is where to trade crypto futures in the USA.

With high leverage ratios of up to 225x for Bitcoin trading, lower fees than most other similar platforms, and a state-of-the-art trading interface, BTCC made it to the top of our list after thorough reviewing.

Some of the most popular contracts traded on BTCC are crypto perpetual futures denominated in USDT and Coin-M perpetual crypto futures denominated in other cryptocurrencies, all available for traders in the US and Canada.

On top of this range of products, BTCC also offers copy trading and a risk-free demo platform for beginner traders where strategy testing and platform testing are highly popular.

Leverage on BTCC

BTCC is known for being an exchange that offers the highest leverage ratios for crypto in the US of up to 225x in Bitcoin-traded contracts.

To be able to trade with this type of margin on the platform you should visit the perpetual futures market and look for either BTC, ETH, DOGE, or XRP which are the offered cryptocurrencies for this type of leverage.

Keep in mind that the platform is restricting these ratios to certain days and it is not available on the platform at all times.

In the screenshot below which I took while trading on the platform, you can see how to change your margin in the trading interface:

BTCC leverage

Click the highlighted bar and choose the leverage ratio you want.

BTCC has an inbuilt risk management tool that automatically switches from crossed margin to isolated margin when you increase the ratio.

This is to protect your account from using up all the funds you have deposited in case one of your trades goes wrong.

This is a premium feature that I like and I haven’t seen it on other similar platforms.


BTCC is very focused on security and through the account security page, you can choose to activate several different features to improve the safety of your trading.

First of all, the exchange will ask you to identify yourself by going through the KYC process.

However, this is not a requirement, you can trade crypto with leverage without KYC on BTCC if you wish to be anonymous.

Here are some of the important security tools I found on the exchange while doing the review:

BTCC security page

Listed above are:

  • Your password
  • Mobile phone binding
  • Email address
  • Google Authenticator
  • Fund password
  • Withdrawal address whitelist

These protocols will help you protect your account against most threats and I highly suggest that you activate all of them, especially the Google Authenticator.

This makes BTCC a highly secure crypto leverage trading platform for US and Canadian traders.

Trading fees

Let’s go through all there is to know about trading fees on BTCC.

The platform does not differentiate on spot trading and crypto contract trading and has therefore chosen to use the same fee structure for all trading, which I think is a good idea.

Below is a screenshot of the fee table I found while reviewing the exchange:

BTCC fees

Trading fees on BTCC start at 0.045% for takers (market orders) and 0.025% for markers (limit orders) and scale down from here depending on your trading volume.

The trading fee is greatly reduced with volume which is something that favors traders who trade large position sizes which is easy to do on BTCC thanks to the high leverage ratios.

This favors traders who are going to maximize the margin-ratios and the first reduction in fee starts at $15,000.000 monthly trading volume.

This will reduce your trading fee by 0.010% for market orders and 0.015% for limit orders which is a big deal in terms of how much money you stand to save.

You can also decrease your trading fees by keeping a high value in your trading account. For example, if you deposit $50,000, you’ll be rewarded the first VIP level without trading.

Trading interface and tools

The most interesting part of the BTCC exchange is the trading interface and the tools it offers.

The exchange is made for both beginners and advanced traders and offers a full suite of trading tools such as:

  • TradingView charts
  • Stop loss/Take profit orders
  • Demo trading
  • Copy trading
  • Live order book
  • Live order history
  • Best Bid Price

Below is a screenshot of the trading interface on BTCC that I took while reviewing the platform:

btcc trading interface

The features that stood out to me were the estimated liquidation price tracker which tracks your liquidation price live.

This is a great risk management tool that most other competitors don’t offer.

Your risk ratio is also indicated on a per-position basis which means that the platform will calculate your total risk ratio for all the open positions, which greatly reduces the risk.

BTCC does of course all the technical tools you might need including all technical indicators which can be located at the top of the TradingView chart.

While I was doing my test-trading on BTCC, I found that the order-matching engine was faster than platforms like Bybit and Binance, this impressed me.

It seems like the team behind the exchange has made it easier for day traders to trade crypto with high leverage to avoid slippage during trading.

The latency was also phenomenal, I didn’t experience any type of lag while trading, even during periods of high volatility, so creds to the BTCC team for optimizing the interface for high-speed trading.

Pros and Cons

Highest leverage crypto exchangeHigh risk trading
Lower fees than most competitorsYou can’t choose isolated margin on your own
Available for US and Canadian traders
The benefits and drawbacks of this platform are based on our own testing of the BTCC exchange.

3. Best US crypto leverage trading app without KYC: Phemex

Ranks number 3 out of 6 with a rating of 4.7/5.

Best crypto leverage platform for margin trading: Phemex review


The best crypto leverage trading platform in the USA that offers without KYC is Phemex.

Phemex offers trading through perpetual contracts with USD, cryptocurrencies, or USDT as margin collateral.

On Phemex you can make your deposits with fiat money in an instant using credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Bank Transfer, and several other minor payment methods.

The exchange sticks out to me as a new and modern platform with plenty of trading tools for traders who are looking to boost their capital.

Phemex is headquartered in Singapore making it a global exchange and is registered as a Money Service Business in the United States which adds to its legitimacy.

The platform offers a large variety of tools for short-term scalpers or day traders through advanced charting interfaces, stop losses, take profit orders, isolated margin, cross margin, and a lightning-fast order matching engine.

The order book is always full of liquidity which is good for users since there will always be someone on the buy and the sell side to meet your trade.

Leverage on Phemex

Phemex offers perpetual crypto contracts with up to 100x leverage.

You can access these contracts by first allocating a small percentage of your capital as a fiat or cryptocurrency deposit.

On the Phemex leverage page, they explain how they adjust their liquidation price based on the level of margin, and the more buying power you use the smaller the distance between your entry price and the liquidation price

The leverage is available through both cross and isolated margin which gives traders different options on how they want to allocate their account balance.


See the image below for a detailed description of the Phemex security page.

Phemex security page

In addition to this, Phemex operates with a trading engine safety protocol to match clients’ orders based on price and time.

This engine is responsible for doing a quick risk analysis of the trading account of each trader.

These checks include:

  • Costs
  • Fees
  • PNL
  • Computing in real-time

This is to make sure that no trader is taking on too much risk without being fully aware of the situation.

I found it very useful when I tested the Phemex exchange as it enables for up to 10x faster trading even in volatile market conditions.

Trading fees on Phemex

Phemex offers fees of 0.06% for takers without VIP status.

The market fee is slightly cheaper at 0.01%.

As your trading volume increases the trading fee gets reduced according to this table taken from the Phemex fee page.

Below is a screenshot of the Phemex fee page to illustrate the costs.

Phemex leverage trading fees

The lowest possible fee you can acquire through the VIP system is 0.0325%.

In comparison to other competitors, it’s rather cheap.

Liquidity and order execution

The liquidity on Phemex is slightly lower than other margin trading crypto exchanges.

However, when conducting live testing on the platform, I found now problem entering and exiting the market with $100,000 lots.

Below is a screenshot from the Phemex order book from when I analyzed the liquidity.

Phemex liquidity

During my testing period, there was a bullish pressure in the market which can be seen in the buy side of the order book.

The first buy block was worth roughly 12 Bitcoins which is not a low number by any means.

Throughout the trading session, it stayed stable at around 12 to 15 Bitcoins on both sides of the order book meaning.

This means that traders can easily enter and exit with leveraged positions of up to $400,000 without any slippage.

User interface and available trading tools

The charting interface is very manageable and there are different options when it comes to the layout of the chart.

You can choose between having the chart on the right or the left side with the order selection and order book on the opposite side.

It’s also possible to deactivate parts of the trading interface.

For example, if you would like to disable the recent trades box to open up more space, that’s an option.

In the image below, I’ve highlighted the stop loss, take profit, and the drawing tool area that I used when assessing the platform.

phemex charting interface

A tip that will help you along the way that I used frequently was the advanced option below the Open Long and Open Short buttons.

This will open up a new tab where you can choose between more order types such as GTC, IOC, and FOK.

Pros and cons

Great tools for day tradersNon-regulated
Demo accountThe platform has a lot of functionality that takes time to learn
Options to buy crypto with fiat vendors
The benefits and drawbacks of this platform are based on our own testing of the Phemex exchange.

4. Best crypto margin trading exchange with high leverage: Bybit

Ranks number 4 out of 6 with a rating of 4.6/5.

Bybit review


The best crypto margin trading exchange is Bybit which offers up to 100x leverage and was launched back in 2018, one year after the big boom when Binance came to the market.

Recent data from Kaiko said that Bybit grew from 1% to 9% market share in 2023, making it one of the largest crypto exchanges to offer high leverage.

With over 10 million users, Bybit has become a household name on the cryptocurrency scene due to the vast variety of trading assets and products.

These assets range from margin trading products to spot and investment-like vehicles.

Many reviews about Bybit in community forums often praise the platform for evolving with the crypto market and shaping the crypto landscape.

What caught my attention when testing the Bybit platform was the professional-grade trading and matching engine which makes day trading extremely favorable.

Also, the competitive fees for both maker and taker transactions are among the lowest in the industry.

Leverage on Bybit

The Bybit crypto exchange offers 100x leverage which can be accessed through the derivatives contract BTC USDC Perpetual.

This contract is only trading Bitcoin against USDC and is the only way to access 125x on Bybit.

The rest of the contracts offer up to 100x leverage and can be found in the USDT perpetual, USDC contracts, and Inverse perpetual contracts.

As you can see on the screenshot below taken during the testing of Bybit, the exchange also offers both cross and isolated margin.

Bybit leverage

The arrow points to the bar where you can change the leverage ratio directly from the charting interface.

And in the top right corner is where you access the panel to swap between cross or isolated margin.

When choosing your position size and how much money to borrow on Bybit, I recommend using their liquidation price calculator to see where your liquidation price is before entering the position.

This feature can be found just to the right of the panel in the top right corner of the charting interface.


Bybit is a very secure crypto margin trading exchange even though the platform lacks government regulation.

Through their account security page, you have the option to enable several features to strengthen the overall safety of your account.

The fund password requires a password to move and transfer funds on the platform which prevents hackers from ever withdrawing your funds.

The SMS authentication feature is also very strong since you need to have access to your own mobile phone to make changes or send funds off the exchange.

The third security feature that I found very useful when analyzing the security of Bybit was the withdrawal address whitelist.

The screenshot below is taken from the Bybit security page and shows the withdrawal address whitelist setting.

Bybit withdrawal address whitelist

I highly recommend enabling as many of these safety features to ensure that your account is 100% secure.

Trading fees

Bybit employs a trading fee system that rewards higher trading volume.

When you first join the platform you will start as a non-VIP member and your taker fee rate is 0.06% for margin trading.

As you gradually increase your trading volume the trading fee starts falling.

The image below explains the full transaction table on Bybit taken from their website.

I have highlighted the leveraged contract fees in blue.

Bybit fees

Liquidity and order execution

As a crypto margin trading platform with high leverage that is competing with Binance for having the highest liquidity in the world, Bybit always maintains a high level of liquidity for all markets.

Even trades who trade large volumes will not have any problems with getting in or out of their traders at any time of the day.

Take a look at this image of the order book from Bybit.

Bybit order book liquidity

The first sell order in the BTCUSDT trading pair in the Perpetual contract pit is worth 42 Bitcoins.

The first buy order is worth over 17 Bitcoins.

These numbers get even higher during high-volume periods during the day.

I found that between 08.00 and 10.00 European time was the period with the highest volume.

The period with the second-highest volume came in at around 15.30 in the afternoon when the American trading session started.

User interface and available leverage trading tools

Bybit has a massive toolbox when it comes to trading tools through its trading interface.

Here are some of the best tools for active traders that I used when I tested the platform.

  • Trendlines
  • Pitchforks
  • Brush
  • Indicators (50+)
  • Fib retracement lines
  • Gann fan
  • Parallel channels

This and plenty more are available through all charting interfaces on the Bybit exchange.

As I was analyzing the charting interface I took a screenshot to highlight some of the more important tools, take a look below.

Bybit trading interface

Highlighted in the image are the toolset to the far left, the order selections in the top right corner, and the take profit and stop loss setting above the buy and sell buttons.

These tools are what make Bybit one of the optimal choices for traders with different trading styles.

Pros and cons

Real stop loss and take profit ordersNon-regulated
Very high liquidity for leverage tradingThere is no demo account on Bybit
Great trading interface for day traders

The benefits and drawbacks of this platform are based on our own testing of the Bybit exchange.

5. Best crypto leverage trading platform for altcoins: Binance

Ranks number 5 out of 6 with a rating of 4.5/5.

Best platform to trade altcoins with leverage: Binance review


Binance is known as the best crypto leverage trading platform for altcoins thanks to over 600 coins listed on the platform where many of them are available to trade with marign.

With nearly $40 million of daily trading volume and nearly 600 cryptocurrencies listed, Binance is the perfect platform to trade altcoins with margin and amplify returns.

It is seen as one of the most trusted non-regulated exchanges on the market and it has won several awards.

A small setback for the giant was that in 2020, FCA from the UK banned crypto platforms from offering crypto-derivatives to UK investors which shrunk the overall client base by a couple of millions.

However, the platform often gets recognized by its users on community forums such as Reddit where a user explains why he likes Binance, particularly due to the ease of use.

Binance supports several different fiat payment methods and pretty much all major currencies which makes depositing super easy.

The exchange is only about 5 years old and was first launched back in 2017 during the big bull run when Bitcoin hit $20k for the first time.

Binance is a popular choice among many beginners due to low trading fees, a great variety of trading assets, a state-of-the-art charting interface, and bank-grade security.

Leverage on Binance

Third on our list is Binance which offers a maximum ratio of 1:125.

Binance has a positioning bracket that prevents traders from overleveraging.

It works by lowering the ratio when traders take larger and larger sizes.

This makes sense since the risks of leverage increase the risk of loss.

Below is an image of the positioning bracket and how much buying power you are allowed to use for each position size.

Binance leverage brackets

I have highlighted the leverage bracket to showcase how the ratio changes as you increase your position.

The rule is different for every asset which has to do with the individual volatility of each coin.

As I was assessing the platform, I found this very useful, especially when trading larger trades.


The security is very strong on Binance and is considered one of the safest non-regulated platforms which is why I’ve been using their services for the past 5 years, it makes me feel safe knowing that my coins are stored offline and my account is protected.

Through their security page, you can enable several different security features that will instantly protect your account against outside threats.

Except for all the standard security features such as 2FA verification codes and phone number verification, Binance also offers advanced safety features as seen in the screenshot below.

Binance account security

I have circled the withdrawal whitelist option because I think it’s a very useful tool to prevent hackers from ever leaving the platform with your funds.

The third-party account connection is also a very useful feature that I used when I analyzed the platform.

It lets you connect Binance to either your Apple ID or your Google account for an extra security layer.

Binance also adheres to strict KYC and AML rules and all traders are obligated to identify themselves before starting.

Trading fees

Binance has a complex trading fee structure, but competitive, that traders should be aware of as you can see below.

Binance trading fee structure

I’ve highlighted the trading fee I used when I was testing the platform which was in the USDS-M Futures trading.

Depending on your chosen market you will be given a certain transaction fee.

For example, USDS-M Futures on Binance have a basic trading fee of 0.04% for taker trades.

However, if you choose to trade with the native coin BNB there is a 10% cut to the rate.

Additionally, if you trade with the native stablecoin on Binance called BUSD, your fee for opening trades as a market taker is 0.03%.

Liquidity and order execution

Liquidity on Binance is as good as it gets and it is currently ranked as the crypto exchange with the highest volume.

Getting in and out of positions on Binance even with huge leveraged positions is not a problem.

When testing the platform I could easily scalp trade the BTCUSDT perpetual contract with $100.000.

Here is a screenshot from the order book liquidity.

Binance liquidity

As seen above, the first buy order is worth $21,766 and the first sell order is worth $185,380.

User interface and available trading tools

Binance is very easy to navigate and a great choice for beginners thanks to the several different interfaces they offer.

The trading interface looks different the most other platforms.

Binance has chosen to include a smaller chart from TradingView while focusing on the order book and the market trades.

All necessary trading tools are available such as:

  • All timeframes
  • Trading indicators
  • Open orders in the chart
  • Depth chart
  • Limit, market, and stop-limit orders
  • Access to all trading pairs

Something that Binance also has incorporated into its trading interface is a beginner tutorial video that I watched before I started testing the exchange features.

It’s professionally made and will teach you the basics of the platform.

Where to trade altcoins with leverage?

To trade altcoins with leverage your best option is to sign up with Binance which is known for its massive list of altcoins that are available to trade with up to 100x.

Altcoin trading works the same way as any other cryptocurrency that you can find on the platform.

To trade altcoins with leverage, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with Binance.
  2. Make an initial deposit.
  3. In the main menu, hover over Trade.
  4. Click Margin.
  5. In the right-hand side menu, select altcoin.
  6. Choose your ratio.
  7. Select position size.
  8. Add take-profit and stop-loss orders.
  9. Click Buy.

Monitor your trade and make sure you keep an eye on the liquidation price of the open position.

Pros and cons

High leverage in for Bitcoin tradingNon-regulated
High volume and great liquidityWithdrawal fees are expensive
Easy to use for beginners
The benefits and drawbacks of this platform are based on our own testing of the Binance exchange.

6. Best leverage crypto exchange with 100x leverage USA: PrimeXBT

Ranks number 6 out of 6 with a rating of 4.5/5.

Best Bitcoin margin trading platform with high leverage: PrimeXBT review


The best 100x leverage crypto exchange is PrimeXBT which accepts US traders and supports up to 100x leverage in an ultra-fast trading interface built for day traders.

Regulated by the Australian government agency ASIC, PrimeXBT is considered to be a highly secure platform in Australia.

The platform is built for fast-paced traders that move large volumes several times per day and order execution is the top-performing process on the platform.

The most popular coins to trade on PrimeXBT are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I consider the platform to be an advanced choice for more experienced traders as the charging interface can be a little bit intimidating.

Leverage ratios

Each crypto asset has its ratio which can be seen on this page.

The max ratio for each asset can be seen on the right-hand side after you click Crypto in the top tab as seen on this screenshot.

Primexbt leverage brackets

PrimeXBT offers a maximum buying power of 1:200 in Bitcoin trading and a minimum of 1:10 in smaller crypto assets that are more volatile.


On this crypto trading platform with 100x leverage, you can trade without KYC.

PrimeXBT has a withdrawal limit of $20.000 per day.

Other safety features on the platform include:

  • Email notifications of sign-in, trade liquidations, trade margin calls
  • Google Authenticator
  • Government regulation by ASIC

It is considered a safe and trustworthy platform according to many reviews I read online.

Additional security features that are worth mentioning are SSL protection to protect your data and a cold storage Bitcoin wallet.

Trading fees

PrimeXBT is one of the top choices due to its low fee structure.

Leveraged trading fees are favorable on PrimeXBT and start at 0.05%.

There is a financing fee of 0.0167% that is charged for every trader who holds their positions overnight.

This goes for both long and short positions.

Below is a summary of the trading fees on PrimeXBT.

Primexbt leverage fees

It’s worth mentioning that PrimeXBT notifies that their trading hours are always 24/7 for cryptocurrencies.

Liquidity and order execution

PrimeXBT operates with a market-making system that allows for uninterrupted trading no matter how large your trades are.

This is one of the big perks of margin trading cryptocurrencies on this platform.

Traders who want to size up and trade larger positions will have no problem getting in and out of the market, even during high-volatility periods.

The order matching engine on PrimeXBT is of the latest technology and has so far proven to be error-free during our assessment of the platform.

User interface and available trading tools

PrimeXBT offers a great trading interface and their flagship 4-chart trading platform is what attracts most users.

The multi-chart offers an overview of four different assets at different timeframes.

You can also buy and sell directly inside the chart giving you control over several different assets at the same time as seen in the image below.

primexbt multi-chart

This is a great trading tool for traders who are managing several positions at the same time and I don’t know any other platform that offers this feature.

You can also change the market and trading pair directly from the top of the chart.

All charts come built-in with market volume.

Should you want to focus on one chart at a time you can do that by clicking the Trade button in the top left corner.

From here you have more trading tools at your disposal such as all trade indicators, different chart styles, and drawing tools that are not offered in the multi-chart.

Pros and cons

Great for high-volume leverage tradersCan be difficult for complete beginners
Great charting interfaceFew altcoins avialble
Regulated by the Australian governmentSlow charting interface
The benefits and drawbacks of this platform are based on our own testing of the PrimeXBT exchange.

Where to trade crypto with high leverage?

One of the brokers in our list is your go-to place if you are looking to amplify your position sizes.

Together they offer products such as Swaps, Perpetuals, Futures, Options, and Lite contracts.

When choosing a crypto exchange to trade on you always want to join one that fits your needs and is not too expensive.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the more favored platforms:

  • BYDFi
  • Phemex
  • MEXC
  • StormGain
  • PrimeXBT
  • OKX
  • Deribit
  • Coinbase
  • BitMEX
  • Kraken
  • Bitfinex
  • KuCoin
  • Gate.io
  • Huobi
  • Poloniex
  • ByBit
  • Bit.com

All these platforms offer high leverage (except for Kraken, Coinbase, and Poloniex which are US operators) up to 125x or 200x, low fees (0.075% – 0.10%), and great user interfaces.

Both BitYard and PrimeXBT are regulated which increases their trustworthiness and cements their credibility for users that want to focus on security.

The most important thing to look out for is that the platform you choose has a protective stop-loss functionality.

This is an essential part of protecting your downside risk while trading with large positions.

While you are researching your crypto exchange make sure that it is also equipped with a good charting interface, 2FA verification, and most of the top 100 altcoins available.

CFD platforms also offer leverage for crypto assets which is another good option if you don’t want to use a crypto exchange.

How to get started with leverage trading in crypto

Find a suitable platform in our list above it’s time to sign up and get started trading.

To get started on BYDFi, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on BYDFi.
  2. Complete the verification process.
  3. Deposit funds in your trading account.
  4. Learn how the trading interface works.
  5. Practice with a demo account.
  6. Choose a trading strategy.
  7. Start by opening a position.

When depositing funds you can choose between transferring cryptocurrencies or making a deposit with your fiat cash.

You must understand the risks of trading with margin before increasing your size.

We recommend starting with the demo account to see the effect leverage has on losses.

What is a crypto trading platform with leverage and how does it work?

After finding your crypto leverage trading platform in the list above we want to inform you what you are getting yourself into.

This type of exchange is a contract-based crypto exchange that allows traders to borrow money against their capital.

Through these platforms, traders can increase the potential for profit with the added risk of larger losses.

Margin contracts are mirrored contracts that exchanges create where the price is derived from an underlying asset such as Bitcoin.

When trading on these exchanges you do not own the underlying asset, instead, you stand to earn the price difference when the contract moves up or down.

The way that leveraged brokers make money is through increased fees and management fees that are applied as overnight interest payments.

When trading on a margin-traded platform you need to maintain a certain amount as a margin requirement to first open your position and then keep your position open.

Exchanges normally provide leverage of up to 200x.

Another option that these platforms give you the option to short-sell the market.https://news.bitcoin.com/bydfi-integrates-alchemy-pays-on-and-off-ramp-solution-making-crypto-trading-effortless/

This means that you borrow money to bet on a negative price movement and in the price falls you earn a profit.

This would not be possible on a spot exchange and that is one of the main differences between spot and leveraged trading.

What crypto exchange gives the highest leverage?

BYDFi currently offers 200x buying power which is the highest ratio of all centralized exchanges.

PrimeXBT also offers 200x but is considered a multi-platform and doesn’t qualify as a pure crypto exchange.

Next on the list is Binance which offers 125x.

Some off-shore brokers offer much higher ratios but they are not considered safe to trade on and we have therefore decided not to include them in this review.

How to choose the right crypto trading platform

The broker of your choice should be selected carefully as it can greatly impact your trading experience.

Below are some key factors that will help you when choosing a platform.

  1. Reputation and security: Prioritize an exchange with a solid track record of keeping customer funds safe. Look for a platform that has previously not suffered from hacks or other breaches.
  2. Regulatory compliance: A regulated exchange will always be a better option because you know that it has gone through harder scrutiny and implementation of KYC processes to protect users. Regulators also require Anti-Money Laundering procedures to be in place to operate under such licenses.
  3. Leverage options: Ask yourself how much you are going to need from your crypto exchange. Not all traders should opt in for the maximum of 200x immediately. Instead, focus on the appropriate ratio for your needs.
  4. Trading fees: Leverage is surely going to increase your fees and I would say that choosing an exchange with the lowest fees possible is a great start. If you are an active scalper this will be your best way to save cash.
  5. Available assets and trading pairs: If you are looking for more trading pairs than just BTCUSDT it’s wise to take a look at the coin page and see just how many assets are listed on the exchange. Not all exchanges have the same assets and some prioritize newly listed coins.
  6. Liquidity: Liquidity and margin go hand-in-hand and your exchange must have deep order books. Higher liquidity reduces slippage, especially during turbulent market situations.
  7. User interface and trading tools: Asses the user interface and the available trading tools such as drawing tools, charts, indicators, order types, and risk management tools. Most technical traders need a steady chart and a fast matching engine to operate.
  8. Customer support: Carefully consider the quality of customer support. If you ever get in trouble with lost funds or for some reason lose your account login, a fast customer support agent will be your best friend.
  9. Educational resources: Choose an exchange that can help you along the way with guides, videos, and tutorials. These resources are valuable for both beginners and seasoned traders.
  10. User reviews: Take into consideration what feedback the crypto community is giving to each exchange. While your experience might be completely different from other traders it’s still worth taking a look online to see what they are saying.

What are the differences between the exchanges?

Spot exchanges:

Spot exchanges and margin exchanges are two distinct types of crypto trading platforms.

Each serves a different purpose and understanding the differences between them is essential for traders looking to engage in margin-based contracts.

A spot exchange offers trading in the spot market which is direct access to the underlying asset where there is a physical exchange of the asset.

For example, if you trade the Ethereum spot market and buy a contract of two Eth, you will then own those Eth coins until you sell them.

Spot exchanges are often more simple as they tend to be more used by long-term investors.

Margin exchanges:

Margin exchanges on the other hand are known for their derivatives exchange where the market prices are mirrored through margin contracts.

The name derivatives exchange means that the prices are derived from an underlying asset but there is no physical delivery taking place.

Once you buy a leveraged contract you do not own the underlying asset, instead, you are speculating on the price of that asset moving up and down.

These exchanges also offer the key feature of borrowing money to traders to enable larger trades.

When a trader opens a position, he borrows a certain percentage of the total trade size.

Once he closes out the trade, the margin requirement is returned to his account, and the leverage used is paid back to the exchange.


How much leverage do crypto exchanges offer?

Crypto exchanges offer between 100x up to 200x depending on the trading pair. Most Bitcoin trading pairs offer higher ratios due to lower volatility.

What is 10x leverage on crypto exchange?

When using 10x on a crypto exchange it means that you are borrowing 10 times the money you have in your account. For example, if you have $500 in your account, adding 10x leverage would mean that you now control $5000.

How much leverage is good for crypto trading?

Cryptocurrencies are a volatile asset and it’s not wise to overleverage due to the risks of large price swings. Therefore we recommend not using more than 1:10 or 1:50 if you are a beginner.

Which crypto exchange offers 100x and 200x leverage?

All crypto exchanges in this article offer 100x but only BYDFi and PrimeXBT offer up to 200x margin.

Where can you trade altcoins with leverage?

To trade altcoins with leverage, sign up on BYDFi.

Where is Ethereum leverage trading possible?

To engage in Ethereum leverage trading, sign up with BYDFi or Bybit.

Which crypto exchange gives the highest leverage?

Among the platforms that I have recommended in this article, StormGain and PrimeXBT give the highest leverage of 1:500 and 1:1000.


The best crypto leverage trading platform is BYDFi due to its flawless interface, low fees, and great tools for active traders.

Some other platforms to consider are Bybit, Phemex, and Binance which all have great reputations both in reviews online and also from community forums.

Trading in the cryptocurrency market offers the potential for increased profits but it also comes with higher risk.

When choosing a crypto exchange, consider the factors outlined in this article.

By conducting thorough due diligence, you will be able to select the platform that matches your preferences.

Our assessment and analysis in this article of the best crypto margin trading platforms is a good way to start your research.

Please note that the information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial or investment advice.

Crypto markets are highly volatile which increases the risk of loss.

Always do your research and consult with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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